Robert Flowers

授课科目: Information Technology
毕业院校: University of Southern California
来自国家: USA
教育背景: University of Southern California - Master


Growing up Mr. Flower participated in a multitude of sports such as football, wrestling, lacrosse, power lifting, and jiu-jitsu. Mr. Flower played football in university and has multiple years experience coaching football and wrestling. Mr. Flower has spent the past 6 years of his life teaching in South Korea. Mr. Flower loves learning new cultures, and picking up new hobbies.This is his first trip to China and he is excited to be placed in such a vibrant community with an excellent staff.

Craig Cown

授课科目: Communications, English, Social Studies, Photography 11 & 12
毕业院校: University of Toronto
来自国家: Canada
教育背景: BEd, University of Toronto | HonBA, University of Toronto


I have lived in Toronto, Canada all of my life. When I was in high school, I went on a student exchange to France, living and going to school there for three months.

This was an excellent experience and I have since realized the impact it had on my understanding of different cultures and how cultures develop. Living and teaching in China has equally had a great and positive influence on my life.

I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the life here and look forward to many more years of living in China.

Crystal Gail Mouland

授课科目: Mathematics
毕业院校: Memorial University
来自国家: Canada
教育背景: BA, Memorial University. BEd, Memorial University


Crystal Mouland is from Bonavista, Newfoundland Canada. She completed both her B.A and B.Ed at Memorial University, but also attended university at l’Université de Bretagne. Ms. Mouland speaks English and French, and she’s fascinated by all other languages! She considers math a universal language, which is why she loves teaching internationally. Her hobbies include creating music, travelling, playing many different sports and drinking coffee. If you would ever like to know more about her, Ms. Mouland loves to tell stories and she would love to hear your stories too.

Allison Weaver

授课科目: Language Arts and Business
毕业院校: Temple University
来自国家: USA
教育背景: Temple University - Master of Science in Education


Ms. Weaver holds a Ms. Ed. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology in Education with a concentration in TESOL from Temple University and a BS. Ed. in Spanish from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Moreover, she has experience in the fields of education, business, healthcare and the entertainment and arts industry. As a teacher, Allison has worked in both secondary and higher education, most recently at the University of Pennsylvania. Her model of teaching and classroom culture value and exhibit excellence, cultural-awareness, courage and a strong commitment to students. As someone who has lived in many places around the globe, Ms. Weaver works hard to ensure that her students develop a global mindset in addition to reaching course goals. In her spare time, Ms. Weaver enjoys a variety hobbies including, but not limited to, futsal, extreme sports, trekking, kayaking, exploring gardens, arts and cultural events, writing music and poetry, tea tasting, sailing, reading and creating memories with friends and family.

Sarah Shannon

授课科目: English
毕业院校: University of Ottawa
来自国家: Canada
教育背景: BEd, Charles Sturt University | BA, University of Ottawa


Volleyball coach for the past 5 years at Sino; one of the lead teachers for SRC (Student Representative Council) for last 3 years (Halloween, Christmas Party, Watergun fight, BCOS Fest, Carnival) Department Head of Language Arts for three years.

Tegan Elizabeth Fox

授课科目: Mathematics, Career Life Education
毕业院校: Oneonta State University
来自国家: USA
教育背景: MEd. Psyc, Marist College. BEd, Oneonta State University


Ms. Fox is from Troy, New York, USA. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics Adolescent Education from the State University of New York at Oneonta. Recently, she also finished a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology from Marist College. Her hobbies include singing, music, playing volleyball, hiking, watching movies, eating new foods, and doing sudoku puzzles. Fun Fact, Ms. Fox used to bobsled in the Empire State Winter Games and she also knows Russian. She loves to travel and has been to 10 countries so far including Mexico, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, Fiji, Russia, and Thailand. Traveling has opened her eyes to new cultures, foods, people, and adventures. She is looking forward to a wonderful year at Sino, and is excited to bring more engaging practices into her classroom to benefit her students!

Brian Yin

授课科目: Pre-calc 12, Calculus 12, Statistic 12
毕业院校: University of Buffalo
来自国家: 中国
教育背景: BAcc, MAcc, University of Buffalo. BEd, VIU


My name is Brian Yin and I was born and raised in Shanghai, China. Currently I teach Pre-calc 12, Calculus 12 and Statistic 12.

I actually graduated from Sino-Canada 16 years ago and will always consider returning to Sino to teach as one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The teachers and our admin team here are dedicated and caring, which fostered a great learning and working environment for both the students and teachers. Believe it or not, I look forward to go to work on Monday every Sunday.

During my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, weight lifting, piano and photography.

姓名 学历 授课科目 毕业学校
Tesfayesus Tesfamariam Bachelor Admin/TA Brock University
Ian Ross Cruickshank Bachelor Math/Careers University of British Columbia
Craig Alexander Cowan Bachelor Eng
University of Toronto
Sarah Lynn Shannon Bachelor Eng (DH) Charles Sturt University
Scott William Gillespie Bachelor SS/Econ Lakehead University
Cory Schwartz Bachelor SS (DH) Nipissing University
Curtis Jacob Good Bachelor PE/Dance University of Waterloo
Rajender Kumar Trivedi Bachelor IT Maharishi Dayanand University/Indira Gandi National Open University
Matthew Denis Coben Collins Bachelor PE (DH/AD) University of Ottawa
Peter Bui-Vuong-Hiep Bachelor Phys. University of Toronto
Wai Ling Chan Bachelor Eng McGill University
April Chi Kuen Soo Bachelor Math (DH) Queen's University
Sarah Elizabeth Anne Hughes Bachelor SS/French Trent University
Robert James Flower Master IT (DH) University of Southern California
Emily Tereysa Van Wychen Bachelor Eng Brock University
Simon Si-Jun Lai Bachelor Eng Brock University
Cody Gordon Tupper Bachelor Phys. Vancouver Island University
Allison Joy Weaver Master Business/ESL Temple University
Cassandra Loreen Van Oort Bachelor FineArts
Drama (DH)
University of Western Ontario
Gregory Michael Zaitz Bachelor PE/Sci. University of Waterloo
Min Xin Hu Bachelor Chem Simon Fraser University
Leon King-Tat Lam Bachelor Business/CLC Simon Fraser University
Dhruv Jayeshumar Patel Bachelor Chem (DH) McGill University
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Hooper Bachelor Eng./Foods Trent University
Shea Dale MacDonald Bachelor PE/Drama University of Victoria
Amanda Grace Joyce Bachelor Eng/Drama St. Francis Xavler University
Bryan Christopher Wong Bachelor Eng University of British Columbia
Patrick Jaudi Elrafih Bachelor Science Lakehead University
Crystal Gail Mouland Bachelor Math Memorial University of Newfoundland
Bevan Philip Fernandes Bachelor Careers/PE Brock University
Melissa Anne Broderick Bachelor Math Brock University
Jose Manuel Belmonte Alcantara Bachelor English University of British Columbia
Alexander Wilson Cotaras Bachelor Eng./PE Acadia University
Tegan Elizabeth Fox Master Math Marist College
Hiu Tung Vivian Chong Bachelor ESL University of Toronto
Chung An (Anita) Ma Diploma ESL Langara College
James Richard Hurley Bachelor ESL Essex University
Zantash Shafqat Hussain Bachelor ESL Teesside University
Simon Dennis Delaney Bachelor ESL Edge Hill University
Ronglin Yao Master ESL University of Sydney
Christina Tara Singh Bachelor ESL McMaster University
Matthew Tolliver Bachelor ESL University of Waterloo
Michelle Alison Greeff Bachelor ESL University of Stellenbosch
Yasmine Matraji Master ESL University of Balamand
Stephen Joseph MacLean Bachelor ESL University of Windsor
Alison Vanessa Godwin Master ESL Nova South Eastern University
Jean-Claude Allen Bachelor ESL Univesity of The Free State
Natalia Biziukova Bachelor ESL 圣彼得堡国立贸易和经济大学
Larisa Shelegeda Master ESL 托木斯克市劳动红旗勋章医学院

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